What began in 1970 as a simple exercise while in a hotel of picking up coasters as a memento of being at the venue, to a hobby and now one of the leading collectors here in Australia.

It wasn’t till 1980 when after putting an article in the Melbourne Sun newspaper about my interest that suddenly I found other collectors in Victoria shared my interest. And from there the Victorian Coaster Collectors Club Inc. was formed. From memory 10 collectors turned up for the 1st meeting and from there it grew to where in the mid 1990’s we had over 100 members. Unfortunately a number of the have passed on but in that time we were involved in national conventions with other coaster collecting clubs we found out about and many a great friendship was formed. These friendships of existing collectors continue on today.

This site has been put together for several reasons:

  • To strengthen coaster collecting here in Australia including a new avenue for new collectors who don’t know clubs exist in Australia.
  • To introduce overseas collectors to other collectors here in Australia
  • To save coaster collections from being thrown out or go to the tip from e.g. Deceased persons, collectors who have stopped collecting for whatever reason etc. An avenue for them or next of kin to turn a collection into money.

My blog is only just beginning but in the future I hope to be able to become the information centre for all collectors relating to mainly Australian issues.

I welcome any information, thoughts and your input from any collectors worldwide


An Introduction